The best endings are Atypical: Trailer released for fourth and final season

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Created by showrunner and executive producer Rob Rashid, Atypical tells the story of Sam Gardner (Kier Gilchrist)— a young man on the autism spectrum looking for love and independence. Atypical season 4 promises to find all of the characters facing down challenges they never anticipated. For Sam, specifically, that includes setting his sights on a nearly impossible goal. (synopsis (c) Hypable)

I hate goodbyes.

I especially hate TV show goodbyes where I have to bid farewell to characters I have come to know and love and who have become intrinsically a part of my viewing life.

Atypical is one of those shows; it goes beyond being just a show a watch to being a series of episodes about people I feel like I know intimately and whom I don’t really want to stop spending time with.

But just as Sam is getting older and having to get used to living alone and dancing around the unnerving prospect of academic probation, I have to get used to the idea that this is it for me and the gloriously dysfunctional family that is the Gardners, people who remind me very much of my own gorgeous, very lovable imperfect family.

I also love the idea that you don’t have to march to the same drum as everyone else and that if you do so, life won’t come to a screeching halt – it might even be pretty damn good, if a little scary at times.

How good and scary?

We’ll find out when the fourth and final season of Atypical, comprising 10 half-hour episodes, drops on July 9 on Netflix.

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