The Doctor Puppet: Solar flares, cracks in the universe and a helpful extravagance of Doctor Whos

(image via YouTube (c) Doctor Puppet)


In “The Twelfth Planet“, the final episode of Alisa Stern‘s wonderful stop-motion Doctor Who puppet series “Doctor Puppet“, the twelfth iteration of The Doctor (Peter Capaldi), alone on a littered planet, finds himself at the mercy of a perfectly aligned solar flare that causes a crack in the universe. As the crack grows wider, many of his belongings, including the TARDIS, disappear to the other side. He then realizes that he can send a message back to a previous iteration of himself to help him out of this mess. True to form, each of the Doctors that preceded him easily jump in to help without any questions asked. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

I am a man in need of a TARDIS.

Yes, yes, of course, we are all in need of the ability to zip through space and time, what with the fallibility of our humanity and all that, but beyond Sartre-ian philosophical musings, I need Doctor Who‘s quirkily haphazard travelling machine to go back and catch all the episodes of Doctor Puppet I have somehow missed.

Chalk it up to Peak TV, Peak Books or Peak Movies, or simply not enough hours in the day to work, rest and play – yep, I just totally appropriated a Mars jingle but it works for me right at this moment – but I missed all the episodes leading up to the grand finale, featuring the Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi, stumbling on this one to the wonderfully eclectic acquisitive habits of Laughing Squid.

Thankfully, thanks to the YouTube back catalogue of creator Alisa Stern, I don’t need a TARDIS to catch all the whimsical adventures leading up to this point, which are a true delight and a gloriously original nod to everyone’s favourite Time Lord.

Sit back, watch the Doctor defy space and time again with a little help from his former puppet-ish selves, and glory in the wonder of brilliantly-inspired, absolutely delightfully lovely creativity.


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