The exquisitely imaginative cinematic work of Georges Méliès as interpreted by 360 Google Doodles

(image via YouTube (c) Google Spotlight Stories)


A charming illusionist, an adventurous queen of hearts and an evil green man journey through early cinema, film magic and love. Back to the Moon is an animated, interactive Doodle celebrating the artistry of film director and prestidigitator Georges Méliès.

The Google Doodle, Google Spotlight Stories, Google Arts & Culture, & Cinémathèque Française teams have collaborated to create the first-ever Virtual Reality (VR) / 360° interactive Doodle to celebrate the life and artistry of French illusionist and film director Georges Méliès. Produced by Nexus Studios.

Known for films like A Trip to the Moon (1902) and The Impossible Voyage (1904), Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès, more popularly referred to as Georges Méliès, was a pioneer filmmaker who has long fascinated and entranced me.

His technical achievements aside, and they are considerable, Méliès possessed a rich and expansive imagination that found exquisite perfection is his adventurous, brave and increasingly sophisticated films that saw beyond film’s only envisaged use as an educational tool and decided the sky, or rather, the moon was the limit!

One thing I love about him is that he made films for the sake of filmmaking, for the purity of creation; yes he wanted audiences, what creative person doesn’t, but it was the act of storytelling that excited and enthralled him.

Google’s recognition of a man who did so much to expand not just how films were made, but why, warms my heart since it acknowledges once again a towering talent who was instrumental in creating the film industry we know today.


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