The festive short and the short of it: The accidental Christmas delights of Timber

(image courtesy Vimeo (c) Dominic John)

“When Emily is nearly knocked off her bike by a careless driver, the passing car drops a Christmas tree in its wake. In the spirit of Christmas she takes it upon herself to find the owner, which leads her down an unexpected path.”

The project started in Mid-November with a blank notepad and some coffee to fuel the story’s conception. We wanted to keep it christmassy, simple, small, cheap and most of all fun for us as the filmmakers and for you as an audience. We spent a couple of weeks developing the script, casting, and sorting locations etc. We got the crew together for the 1 day shoot in the first week of December and spent the following 12 hours frantically capturing the story around the small Oxfordshire village of East Hendred. 3 days of solid editing and music composition followed and here’s the finished film. Hope you enjoy it and have a great Christmas. (synopsis courtesy Vimeo)

Is there a more romantic time that Christmas to fall gloriously in love?

Or at least, in the case of Timber, a festive ode to kismet and happenstance, in meet-cute like?

No, no, there is not, but in this charming eight-year-old short film that just popped on my radar this festive season, and happily so, the beginning of the film, chirpy bicycler singing carols to herself on a wooded track in a English forest aside, may give you pause for thought as an impatient driver almost takes out one half of the potential couple.

Not a great start to Cupid’s Christmas meddling but things do improve; quite how, naturally, must be left to the viewing of Timber, but suffice to say that with carolers carolling and snow a-fallin’ and Christmas trees in search of an owner, there’s a lot of heartwarming festiveness to go around.

Festiveness that, if everything goes according to plan, will last far longer than just one Christmas.

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