The Mandalorian: The LEGO is now strong with its trailer

(image via YouTube (c) Joebor1777)

The Mandalorian is hands (or lightsabres) down one of the best TV series of the last 12 months.

“… a big budget, cinematically resplendent piece of storytelling that fits neatly, and with Rogue One edginess, into the rapidly re-expanding official Star Wars universe”, The Mandalorian took us deep into the world of Mando, a bounty hunter with the proverbial heart of gold who upends his life while saving another’s, all in the pursuit of a humanity long denied him.

It is brilliant storytelling and now it has that must-have of the 21st century, it’s own LEGO trailer, created by Star Wars fan Joebor1777, a labour of love that has attracted the deserved attention of Mando himself aka the actor who played him Pedro Pascal who was rather tickled by the video, re-tweeting it to his considerable number of followers.

The “wows” are well-deserved.

The LEGO’d trailer is perfectly rendered, capturing not just the arresting visuals but managing to keep the emotional resonance intact.

An impressive feat that comes with one understandable omission, as The Nerdist notes:

“Of course, since this is a LEGO recreation of the initial trailer, it sadly means there is no baby Yoda in it. Because as we know now, the hopelessly cute little green infant was kept out of all the marketing for The Mandalorian to avoid spoilers. Hopefully, we get some baby Yoda love in a future LEGO recreation of some kind. Because if a little Yoda is adorable, imagine a little LEGO Yoda. The cuteness would be too much to bear, and we’d all collapse from an overdose of cute.”

So possibly better that baby Yoda didn’t poke his adorable head into the video; anyway, it’s a wonderful piece of work that will keep wowing us while we watch the new behind-the-scenes eight-part series on Disney Gallery (Disney +) and wait for the second series to drop in October.

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