The short and the short of it: “Away” by Florian Petiteau

(image via YouTube (c) Florian Petiteau)

TheCGBros Presents Away by Florian Petiteau. Away, [the] short story of a dreaming stone, is a 3D animated short directed by Florian Petiteau with music composed by Valentin Petiteau. Away is about a stone stuck on his mountain dreaming of going to see the sea. (synopsis via YouTube)

There is a real joy in short, sweet and perfectly formed storytelling.

“Away” is a very short short film but in its brief running time, it manages to say a lot about contentment, envy, wishing and hoping and wanting so much for your life than what you have.

And it does all this with some jaunty music, no dialogue and hilariously quirky animation that endears you to characters who don’t have long to make an impression; but make an impression they do, one that sits with you quite a while after this inspired piece of filmmaking has finished its quick run.

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