The short and the short of it: Fishwitch and the surprising selfless acts of love

(poster courtesy Adrienne Dowling)


A cantankerous, iceberg-dwelling witch is taken by surprise when a relentlessly cheery merman gets caught in her net and attempts to befriend her. Before long he begins to uncover a secret, long kept buried in the ice. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

What a delightful piece of storytelling this is!

It begins as an opposites attract scenario – upbeat, endlessly-cheerful merman meets coldhearted witch who has developed a knack, to her detriment of course, of keeping the whole world as far from her as possible.

But as Adrienne Dowling unspools Fishwitch, layering nuance and humanity upon each other to beguiling, moving effect, you come to realise why the Fishwitch is the way she is and why the merman’s unconditional love and friendship means so very much to her, even if she won’t admit it, at first.

It’s an utterly charming tale, gorgeously and vividly animated, with real substance and depth and you would have to have a heart made of ice not to be moved by it.



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