The short and the short of it: Glory in the The Legend Of The Crabe Phare

(image courtesy IMDb (c) The CG Bros)

The Crabe Phare is a colossal crustacean who lives at the bottom of the ocean. When this mammoth creature rises from the deep, he doesn’t have destruction on his mind. Instead, he wants to collect and preserve ships to add to his underwater collection. The huge creature is not the monster of the story: it is the humans. The message of this story is one about the effect that humans have on the natural world. A powerful message told stylishly with a touch of humour. (synopsis (c) The Literacy Shed)

We fear what we do not understand.

That seems to be the moral of the story in this brilliant CG-animated short film, The Legend of the Crab Phare, from the The CG Bros which does a charmingly heartfelt job of conveying the life one oversized but enormously sweet crustacean who simply wants to be left alone to live his happily contented, ship-collecting life.

Alas, the world is a crowded, over-documented place these days, and in short order this resident of the ocean finds himself subsumed under a mass of human development which succeeds, almost, in wrecking the very thing it claims to be in awe of and wants to see.

In a perfectly crafted six-minute or so short film, we witness the rise and fall and rise again of one crab who simply wants to be left in peace to do his thing.

Infused with a mischievous sense of humour but with a saliently serious point to make, The Legend of the Crab Phare is a soul-provoking joy that entertains and make a point in the most creative way possible.

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