The short and the short of it: Hungry seagull gets what he wants … or does he … in DEAD MEAT

(image via Vimeo (c) Adnan Peer Mohamed)

“I’m [Adnan Mohamed] proud to present an Animated short that I have worked on during my time at Vancouver Film School! … For a long time I wanted to animate something that makes people giggle and feel joy in a weird way, because everybody gets silly sometimes and I feel like everybody has a place in their heart to have a laugh at something weird. Thanks to everyone that’s helped and supported me throughout this project! (Seagull model by: Viktorija Sipilova + seagull rig by Kamila Bianchi (synopsis courtesy YouTube/CG Meetup)

Wow, but it’s been a tough year.

After the hellmouth that was 2020 when a seemingly insignificant viral outbreak soon became a status quo-busting pandemic, we all naively assumed 2021 would be a veritable walk in the park.

It was not, and in the case of Sydney, Australia, it’s been worse, way worse, with the city only recently emerged from just over four long months of grinding, exhausting lockdown.

So, we need a laugh, we really need a laugh, which is I’m glad, I’m very, very glad in fact, that we have this delightful animated short, DEAD MEAT, from Adnan Mohamed who takes on a short avaricious journey with a hungry seagull who’ll stop at nothing to get his prized piece of food.

Even if it costs him a lot.

Featured on Laughing Squid, this comical look at greed and its consequences, is an unbridled joy, proof that giggling and laughing are just what the weary pandemic-ravaged soul needs.

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