The short and the short of it: Pushy doughnut demands to be eaten in Plaisir Sucré

(image via Vimeo (c) MegaComputeur)

In the really amusing animated short “Plaisir Sucre” by MegaComputer Animation, a highly assertive pink frosted doughnut makes its way onto an office desk and challenges Stephane, a hapless worker, to eat him. When the worker refuses, the doughnut becomes more and more aggressive until Stephane is forced out of his chair and onto the ground. Once Stephane is rendered immobile, the pushy pastry jumps right in to the man’s mouth. Stephane recovers only to be confronted with the doughnut’s brethren, all wanting the same from Stephane. (synopsis (c) Laughing Squid)

We’ve all been there.

The decision is made to eat only tofu, mungbeans and activated almonds (no, I have no idea what they are either but they sound healthy and, well, active) and then suddenly, it’s like every junk food item looks more alluring, more attractive, more eatable than it did when you were eating with careless abandon.

In fact, it can often feel like the junk food is forcing you to eat it, holding you at figurative gunpoint until you chomp down on its salty or sugary lusciousness.

Good old Stephane, an office worker featured in the hilariously demented short film Plaisir Sucré by MegaComputer Animation, knows exactly what you’re feeling as a very insistent donut decides it’s taking not for an answer.

The result is some of the best slapstick animation I’ve seen in quite some time in a thigh-slappingly funny story that manages of manic silliness in a very short space of sugar-packed time …

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