The short and the short of it: The animated love of Mobile attraction

(image via YouTube (c) Verena Fels)

If you think back to when you really felt the first stirrings of attraction to someone, probably the first thing that springs to mind how desperately you wanted to be with them every single chance you got.

It didn’t matter which obstacles stood in your path; you were going to get there hell or high water and BE WITH PERSON!

The brightly-coloured and giddily-obsessed cow in Mobile, a brilliantly-clever, heartfelt and very funny short film by Verena Fels, knows just how you felt/feel, determined to reach the object of its affection, even if it means tipping the balance of the entire delicately-poised aerial world it inhabits.

Quite apart from its innate relatability, Mobile is just a joy to watch, full of so much visual hilarity that you will spend the entire time laughing with gleeful delight, and pondering and wondering, if you were every bit as clumsily intense when you decided to go forth and get close to the object of your desire.

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