The short and the short of it: The endless parental love of Freaks of Nurture

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Freaks of Nurture is an animated short about a neurotic mother-daughter relationship inspired by the filmmaker’s own unorthodox upbringing with her single-parent mom, who is also a foster parent and dog breeder. Self-deprecating and bursting with energy, the film reveals that no matter how grown-up we think we are, we never quite stop craving the love and support of a parent. (synopsis via
Laughing Squid)

Perspective is everything.

And sad to say, we don’t always have it, especially when it comes to those nearest and dearest to us who should, by rights, be the ones we understand the best.

In the charmingly funny Freaks of Nurture, a young woman who is a dinosaur enthusiast and animated short film maker, turns to her mother for parental support and advice when her project, close to deadline, it stymieing her ability to get it finished.

A quirky soul who has taken on fostering multiple children and dogs, and a cat in there somewhere, and is as overcommitted, for all the right reasons, as you can get, the mother loves her daughter but not just in the way she needs at that point in time.

An argument ensues, but as you watch the film, you come to understand that all it takes to restore the peace is some understanding and perspective on both sides.

It’s a delightfully instructive take that will warm the heart and likely get you wondering how good a grasp you have on the people close to you and what’s really going on in their lives.

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