The short and the short of it: The serenity of the Fox and the Whale

(Screenshots via “Fox and the Whale,” art by Robin Joseph & Kim Leow)


Even a Christmas-aholic such as myself has to admit that there are times when the wonderful time of the year also feels like the most unendingly stressful.

With pressure, internal and external to get everything in the bag, work and otherwise by 25 December – it’s an arbitrary line in the sand but we all observe it, to one degree or another – and the almost overwhelming number of end of year catch-ups, it can be tough to find a moment to just stop and be.

Fox and the Whale is gorgeous, dialogue-free short film that takes on an exquisitely calm and peaceful journey through nature with an inquisitive fox who goes so far as to head out to sea on nothing firmer than a washed-up tusk.

Both this journey, which is dreamlike in its reverie, and the lead-up, which shows the fox wandering through the forest and along the shortline, are accompanied by the most minimal of sounds – the burble of running brooks, the pitter-patter of softly falling rain, the soft crash of waves on sand.

If you don’t have time to completely apply the brakes, then the Fox and the Whale provides you with a delightful opportunity to not so much smell the flowers as watch a sweet little fox exploring the world around him in all its meditative wonder and remember again what it is to just chill and let the world move around you.

(source: Gizmodo)


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