The short and the short of it: The sweet hopefulness of Cautionary Tales

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When I look back on all the many ways my parents tried to get me to behave – like I was ever naughty! Actually as an eldest child I behaved really well … yeah, yeah, I know opportunity lost – I have to laugh at the lengths they went to keep my siblings and I in line.

One of the famous ones, well-used by many a carbon-based parental unit (see Third Rock From the Sun), was warning you not to make a silly face lest the wind change and it permanently stay that way.

We laughed it off at the time but as the delightfully poignant short film Cautionary Tales by Luke Taylor and Chris Barret beautifully makes clear, what if it wasn’t a laughing matter at all, a fanciful concoction of desperate parents?

What if it was all real and you were actually stuck with what weird, silly face? What then?

The “what then” unfolds quite sweetly, and humourously too, in a film that understands that we all make mistakes when we’re younger and some of them come with real consequences.

The joy in this short gem of a film is maybe, just maybe, it may all be redeemable.

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Cautionary Tales – Making Of from Us on Vimeo.

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