The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is coming back to Netflix in all-new special

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“The story follows the show’s star, plus Burgess’ Titus, Jane Krakow­ski’s Jacqueline, and Carol Kane’s Lillian, on their quest to track and take down the man who held Kimmy captive in a bunker for 15 years (played by returning guest star Jon Hamm). ‘Kimmy always wants to right a wrong, and this is her final act in doing that,’ Kemper says. ‘From the start she was always trying to overcome what she had been through, but now she’s lashing out. She’s angry — not only at him, but in the way many women in the #MeToo era have been for a long time. It felt super cathartic.'” (synopsis (c) EW)

Who doesn’t need more Kimmy in their lives?

Precisely no one; she is the unabashed, unalloyed joy of everything that is good in this world, a woman who was held against her well for 15 years in a bunker before being set free and hilariously, and not always perfectly, carpe diem-ing the hell out of life!

Now she’s back in an interactive special, where viewers decide the endinga for each character, on 12 May on Netflix, a narrative approach that didn’t come without some challenges notes Ellie Kemper who plays the eponymous protagonist of the sitcom which for four seasons from 2015 to 2019 and co-star Titus Burgess.

“Shooting a multiple-choice-style story came with its challenges; the script supervisor would sometimes have to remind the actors where their scene existed in the course of the timelines, star Ellie Kemper says. ‘It was unlike anything I’d ever done before. It was hard to keep track of everything as we were filming it.’ Or, as costar Tituss Burgess puts it to EW: ‘Child, if I never film another interactive special, it’s okay!'” (EW)

Challenging it may have been but it also looks like it’ll be tons of fun and romantic too with Kimmy finding possible love with quirky British Prince Frederick, played by Daniel Radcliffe.

Life may not feel too wonderful right now in the midst of COVID-19 but Kimmy will undoubtedly restore candy and lollipops and sparkle, just when we need it the most!

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