To vocal infinity and beyond! Brock Baker serves up 24 Pixar voices in 5 fun-filled minutes

(image via YouTube (c) Brock Baker / Disney/Pixar)
(image via YouTube (c) Brock Baker / Disney/Pixar)


There is an art to inspired mimicry.

It’s not enough to sound like the character you’re impersonating, you must embody their mannerisms and personality too.

Effectively, you have to become that character.

It’s clearly not a lesson Brock Baker needs to learn.

A talented impressionist, who bring a host of characters to life on his YouTube site where he operates under the user name McGoiter, he brings the characters he mimics to joyous, fun-filled life in a way I’ve seen seldom few manage.

In this delightful video, he channels 24 different Pixar characters perfectly, reminding us once again just how perfectly Pixar creates the wonderful beings that populate its animated universe.


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