Total cinematic immersion: The fun of watching the first 5 minutes of 10,000 movies in just 5 minutes

Total cinematic immersion MAIN


Pressed for time?

Wondering how you will get through that mountainous, teetering pile of movies banking up on your PVR?

Despairing of ever discovering how Jim the bike courier (Cillian Murphy) survives the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse in 28 Days Later or, curious whether the path of true love really does run smooth in 500 Days of Summer?

Kept awake at night thinking about whether Donnie Darko is as delightfully trippy weird as your friends have made it out to be, or intrigued about why everyone keeps Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

Fret no more my friends because Non Sequitur Media, an online TV network specialising in creating “gritty, edgy, highly-targeted and in-depth form[s] of entertainment”, has come to your aid, at least in part by laying the first five minutes of 10,000 movies out on the grid of a single, yes single, YouTube video.

It’s clever, wholly impressive stuff, and you even have the ability to zoom in to check out a particular movie or movies to sate that cinematic itch that hitherto remained unscratched.

And yes granted, it’s only 5 minutes but what a marvellous way to dip your toes into a slew of amazing and not-so-amazing movies, and work out which movies are most definitely worth your extended viewing time.

Now you can finally get some sleep, perchance to dream of zombies falling in love …

(source: Laughing Squid via Boing Boing)


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