Undead LOLZ: The Walking Dead S4 gets the Bad-Lip Reading treatment

(image via YouTube)
(image via YouTube)


There isn’t much to laugh about in the deadly serious world of The Walking Dead.

After all, a mysterious virus has long since turned the vast majority of the world’s population into slavering, flesh-craving undead beings, left those people who remain alive fighting day by day, inch by inch for their survival, and reduced civilisation to a Darwinian shell of its former self.

It’s not exactly the kind of environment where you’re apt to break into rap (with a walker chorus backing you up) while your dad lies deathly injured and comatose on a couch in barricaded house, or where you can sing songs about Mr Potato Head on long-abandoned pianos, or even where lady zombies talk earnestly about what they want in an undead guy.

Well, ordinarily it isn’t.

But if you’re the insanely talented anonymous person behind Bad Lip Reading, who see thoroughly plausible, though gloriously loopy, conversations in every frame of the apocalyptic drama, then there is humour aplenty, not to mention intense philosophical discussions about the exact relationship between dolphins and apples (which trust me is a pretty important one if you’re Darryl, Rick or Tyreese).

You will laugh till you cry as the hilarious insanity of it all, and even learn something about zombie etiquette (“Excuse me sir, I need to get in and I can’t” says one as he tried to push in a gate).

Who knew the end of the world could be this funny?


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