Underdogs forever! Luca releases gorgeous teaser trailer

(image courtesy IMP awards)

Set in Italy, Luca is a fun and heartwarming story about friendship, stepping out of your comfort zone and two teenage sea monsters who experience a life-changing summer. This coming-of-age adventure will tell the story of a young boy experiencing an unforgettable summer with his newfound best friend in a seaside town on the Italian Riviera. But all the fun is threatened by a deeply-held secret: they are sea monsters from another world just below the water’s surface. Luca will be the feature-length directorial debut of Italian filmmaker Enrico Casarosa, who has been working as a storyboard artist and writer with Pixar since 2006 on popular animated films such as Cars, Ratatouille, Up, The Good Dinosaur, Coco and Incredibles 2. (synopsis (c) Coming Soon)

There is something magical about summer months where, even if you’re an adult, but especially if you’re a kid like Luca, everything seems endlessly possible.

It’s a giddy, exciting sensation and much of that spirit of the season seems to be infused in the next Pixar film coming our way, Luca, which has warmth (and not just the sunny kind), friendship, belonging and one hell of a fishy secret.

No, quite literally fishy, and this being Pixar, we can expect a deep and substantial exploration of what it means to be different and why that may not matter anywhere near as much as many people think it does.

The trailer suggests a rich and gorgeously luminous look, vibrant, goofy, carefree humour but also a lot of tension as Luca battles to keep his secret from people who may not be as welcoming once they find out who he really is.

Let’s hope COVID plays nice and makes this one for cinema viewing; it looks perfectly suited to the big screen treatment.

Luca releases 17 June in Australia and 18 June in USA & UK.

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