Want to let the world know about your reading list? Rap it readers!

Rob Boffard rapping books MAIN
Rob Boffard laying down some book-reading rap (image via YouTube (c) Rob Boffard)


If you were to take a look at my bookshelves, you would soon come to realise that I own an enormous number of books., I mean, a LOT.

Many of them are read, kept because of some emotional attachment or love of the book itself, but many, much to my regret, are not, sitting in what I rather euphemistically call Aspirational Reading Piles, or what other people call the To Be Read (TBR) pile.

Depending on my mood, these books either inspire or mock me, my inability to read them a sign that I may have possibly have a few too many things on my table.

Having a substantial TBR pile is the mark of a voracious reader and one way of dealing with the ever present towering stacks of Books Yet To be Read is to tell your Addictive Readers Group (what, you don’t go to one? Haha), blog about it, or if you’re author Rob Boffard rap about it.



Yes, rap about it.

Well, to be fair, rap about the books he’s read that you might like to ADD to that ever-tottering, may-fall-down-and-squash-the-cat-one-day pile.And while making them proved a challenge as Boffard relates:

“It was actually quite tough. I spent ages getting the lip-syncing right – I wish I could say I rapped the whole thing in one take, but I don’t have that kind of breath control! I also had to learn how to edit video – audio mixing is fine, but video was a new challenge.”

The results are impressive and as any good author should do, he talks up his own books Tracer and Impact.

So get cracking people – life is short and we have many, many books to read, and who knows? Maybe we’ll eventually rap about them too.

(source: io9/Gizmodo)


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3 thoughts on “Want to let the world know about your reading list? Rap it readers!

  1. That’s interesting. I might want to steal that post for my book blog via wordpress this 🙂

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