Weekday pop art: If all the fictional world was Polly Pocket

(image (c) The ToyZone via Laughing Squid)

Nowadays kids have iPads, Netflix, and the Internet to keep them entertained. But back in the 90s, there were few things more exciting than getting hold of the latest Polly Pocket. To recreate that feeling for 2020, our team has imagined what would happen if Polly Pocket decided to ‘do a LEGO’ and absorb a few popular on-screen franchises. (synopsis (c) The ToyZone via Laughing Squid)

Is everything old new again?

It often seems that way in our postmordern retro-influenced digital age where the internet has meant that everybody can find out about pretty much anything if they want to.

That’s not always a good thing, of course, but in the case of The ToyZone, A review site the stated misison of which “is to help more kids end up with toys they love”, it is a very good thing indeed.

Taking their demonstrable love of toys to a whole new level, they have imagined, via the imaginative creativity of Czech artist Jan Koudela, what Friends, Stranger Things, Lord of the Rings, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Simpsons, would look like as classic Polly Pocket, a line of toys by Mattel where an entire home is housed in a very small case.

Launched in 1989, and still popular today (just ask my seven-year-old niece), Polly Pockets are a brilliantly clever idea in and of themselves, made even more so by their beautifully creative new take.

And yes, they’re so cute and evocative of the programs they represent, that I, a pop cultured obsessed man in his ’50s, would happily buy them if they existed out in the big wide world.

Here’s hoping one day they do …

(image (c) The ToyZone via Laughing Squid)
(image (c) The ToyZone via Laughing Squid)
(image (c) The ToyZone via Laughing Squid)
(image (c) The ToyZone via Laughing Squid)

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