Weekday pop art: Mythical pop culture creatures go vintage scientific

(artwork (c) Chet Phillips via Laughing Squid)

From the series “Unnatural History” that explores pop culture characters depicted as vintage biology illustration studies. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

If you’re as enamoured of good storytelling as I am, you will understand that feeling deep within that acknowledges that though fictional creatures from movies, TV and books aren’t real, they exist in every way that matters to every last part of the rest of us and are to be adored/feared/run from depending on the creature and the threat they pose (or don’t right Baby Yoda?)

If you need more ammunition to convince the mind that it should catch up with the heart and soul then look no further than the amazing artwork of Texan Chet Phillips whose Unnatural History gives taxonomic reality to the narratively yet compellingly unreal.

So enchantingly well done are these images, that can be purchased from the artist’s Etsy Store, that you can imagine an intrepid naturalist heading into the candy-coloured vivacity of Oz or Hawkins, Indiana, and observing and sketching the creatures that reside within.

While I wouldn’t volunteer to accompany them on them on their voyages of great scientific study, what with all the running and screaming and near-certain death, I am more than happy to consume proof that the beings of my imagination are alive and documented in the real world.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to lace up my runners because I have some running to do …

(artwork (c) Chet Phillips via Laughing Squid)
(artwork (c) Chet Phillips via Laughing Squid)
(artwork (c) Chet Phillips via Laughing Squid)
(artwork (c) Chet Phillips via Laughing Squid)

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