Weekend (animated) pop art: 6 amazing Instagram animators

(image via Instagram (c) András Csuka)

While there are complaints aplenty about the attendant evils social media and the internet, the reality is, as with any technology, that we have gained far more than we have lost.

Access to massive online audiences has allowed creators of all kinds to reach people who would never have seen their stories or art of music or whatever and who, without the gatekeepers standing in the way, can relate directly to each other in ways that would never have been possible way back in the day.

One group making the most of this democratising of access are animators and in a recent article, Rotoscopers profiled 10 of the best of them on Instagram, pointing to the fact that it’s not just YouTube-based animators who are making the most of the creatively endless vistas of the internet.

Importantly too, as they make clear, the 10 people they do profile are but the tip of a very talented animated iceberg and give you a glimpse of what is possible when talent and possibility meet.

For the full list, go to “10 Animators to Check Out on Instagram”

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