Weekend movie poster art: The just out of reach answers of Ad Astra

(image via Poster Posse (c) @cmloweART)

Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones to star in James Gray’s
Ad Astra. The sci-fi epic will feature Jones as the father of Pitt’s character who, 20 years ago, left his son on a mission to Neptune in the search for extraterrestrial life. Pitt’s character, named Roy McBride, then sets out two decades later to find out what happened to his dad. (synopsis (c) Coming Soon)

All those twinkling stars might suggest space is a uniformly beautiful place but the truth is that for all the glowing nebula and magically-ringed planets like Saturn, there’s an awful lot of scary, black nothing out there.

The kind in which you could, oh, you know, lose a father who set off in search of E.T. (the general E.T.; I’m fairly certain that Ad Astra is not some sort of retro Spielberg crossover).

What is uniformly gorgeous are these posters created by professional artists associated with Poster Posse, who have a created some stunningly-arresting promotional artwork the just-released film. [hyperlink review].

The posters have been tweeted by the Ad Astra and 20th Century Fox accounts which gives these impressive visual representations of a movie getting, ahem, (inter) stellar reviews the kind of official imprimatur that many cinematic artists can only dream of.

(image via Poster Posse (c) @SG_Posters)
(image via Poster Posse @DanielNash)
(image via Poster Posse (c) @RolaRafal)
(image via Poster Posse (c) @OrlandoArocena)

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