Weekend pop art: Colour-coded pop culture characters

Do you ever take in the amazing creativity of someone like, oh say, French art director Linda Bouderbala and muse upon the moment of inspiration when the genius idea of grouping together pop culture characters of a particular character came to her?

Nope, just me? Well, I muse upon it because it’s one of those ideas that on the face of it seems fiendishly simple and yet is not, requiring the artist to draw together disparate characters into one cohesive piece of art and making it look like it was always meant to be that way.

Which, naturally, Bouderbala, who has her prints for sale, does with elegant whimsicality and consummate talent, ushering into one group characters who would otherwise never meet but who, upon reflection totally belong together.

Even better, for a vibrant colour-addicted soul like myself, they’re all leaping off the screen, bright and eye-catchingly imaginative, just the way I like my pop culture art.

Now the only question is – which colour team are you?










Incredible Illustrations of Color Coded Pop Culture Icons

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