Weekend pop art: Deadpool takes over Blu-ray covers of iconic films

(image via The MoviePass Pod Twitter account)


All hail the marketing team for Deadpool 2!

On the back of a plethora of very clever movie posters, inspired TV show appearances by Ryan Reynolds – singing in a unicorn head on Korean TV anyone? – and some ridiculously clever TV spots, comes Blu-ray sleeves that were slipped over the number of a slew of classic films at Walmart.

According to some reports there werre only about 2-3 of the covers for each film, making them both collectors’ items and the coolest piece of marketing for some time.

It’s also triggered, according to Mashable, one very interesting flow-on effect:

“That hasn’t stop fans from clamoring for entire remakes of these movies starring Deadpool. Get on it, Ryan Reynolds, chop chop. It is the era of reboots after all, why not give them the twist they deserve?”

No doubt they’ve all been snapped up by now but you can at least glory in these images, and imagine what might be if Ryan Reynolds ever gets the money to remark all 16 films caught up in this marketing masterpiece.

(source: The MoviePass Pod twitter account)


(image via The MoviePass Pod Twitter account)


(image via The MoviePass Pod Twitter account)


(image via The MoviePass Pod Twitter account)

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