Weekend pop art: Exquisitely-rendered models of TV show sets

(image via Mashable (c) Drawbotics)


There are times, many times in fact if you’re a regular devoted viewer of a particular TV show that you feel like you’re living in the show with the characters.

Granted some people take this a little too far, getting to the point, where they believe the characters and the world they inhabit are real, but for most of us, it’s enough to spend time immersing ourselves in shows that provide a welcome from our, sometimes trying, realities.

But what, wondered Drawbotics, if you could recreate, in brilliantly-detailed floor plans, the settings for shows we love like Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, Silicon Valley and a slew of others – what would you include in them, what would they look and feel like and would they answer that feeling of what it would be like to disappear into the show and be one of their characters.

Their wondering has paid off in spades with a series of wondrous recreations that illustrate what happens when you don’t just binge the TV shows but bring them to life in your own thoroughly unique, highly-creative way.

For the full story, go to Mashable.


(image via Mashable (c) Drawbotics)


(image via Mashable (c) Drawbotics)


(image via Mashable (c) Drawbotics)


(image via Mashable (c) Drawbotics)
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