Weekend pop art: Follow these maps to a whole new movie experience

Guardians of the Galaxy (image via Gizmodo (c) Andrew DeGraff)


Movies are increibly intricate when you think about it.

A ton of moving parts with everything from a perfectly-written script to first-rate actors to an inspired director, pitch-perfect music and dazzlingly good cinematography having to come together having to come together to make it all work.

Sometimes of course it doesn’t – I’m looking at you Bewitched! – but when it does it’s magical, and you can see every last bit of that magic in Andrew DeGraff‘s marvellous artwork which turns films into maps.

You can track the entire length and breadth of these films in his inspired works which he has now grouped together into a must-get publication called Cinemaps, with many of the maps – really they are so much more but as Gizmodo observes it’s the closest word anyone can mind to describe these singularly unique creations.

Bored with life? It’s time to go on a brilliantly-clever journey like no other through the movies you know and love.


Jurassic Park (image via Gizmodo (c) Andrew DeGraff)


Terminator 2: Judgement Day (image via Gizmodo (c) Andrew DeGraff)


Wizard of Oz (image via Gizmodo (c) Andrew DeGraff)



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