Weekend pop art: Healthy food with a side order of pop culture

(image via Laughing Squid (c) Laleh Mohmedi)

Laleh Mohmedi is an immensely-creative person.

A food artist and mother, Mohmedi has never been content to provide pedestrian food offerings to her son Jacob, resulting in meals that are not only vibrantly healthy but striking in their evocation of a vitally-imaginary host of pop culture characters.

The delight of her work, which by its very utilitarian end use is transitory in nature, is how beautifully and vividly she evokes all the characters who run the gamut, as Laughing Squid observes, from a host of “popular movies and television shows” including a plethora of Pixar properties, The Simpsons, superhero films and much-loved Disney animated features.

It’s a joy to look at and you have to believe that even Jacob who, like most kids probably just wolfed the food down, stop to pause and take in the brilliance of his mum’s brilliantly-realised labours of love.

And even if he didn’t, her recording of efforts will mean he can look back and appreciate in years to come not only how much his mum loves him but what a talented and amazing person she is.

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