Forget the warm-and-fuzzies – Dalek Who is here

(image via YouTube (c) Mashed)

Once the things that pretty much everyone loves about Doctor Who is how human he/she is, a pretty impressive achievement for a Galifreyan with two hearts who may be a sworn protector of humanity and their home planet Earth but who most certainly doesn’t come from there.

But what if, wondered the good folks at mashed, if instead of looking and acting to all intents as a human being, the Doctor was a Dalek?

Would that, perhaps, change the tone and feel of the show?

You betcha! As The Nerdist muses, all kinds of things would change …

If Daleks came up with their own version of Doctor Who, for one thing, the central character would have no regrets whatsoever about the Time War. Any moments hinging on emotion would be rejected, and most opportunities to help ignored. The companion might be a Cyberman, and Weeping Angels far less of a threat to cyborgs that never blink. Several familiar scenes play out quite differently, and the kicker is just how Dalek fans react to the show. Apparently they’re not so different from humans at times.

It’s an inspired, very funny “what if” that has a great deal of fun with the premise, the characters and the entire point of the show, stopping for a little commentary on the closemindedness of a minority of “fans” along the way.

Watch, laugh and don’t be moved.

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