Weekend pop art: New luscious Wizard of Oz posters #Happy80th

(image via @PixelsDeux (c) Graham Erwin @GrahamErwin)

I have read, watched and generally taken in a great of fantasy storytelling in my time.

And yet for all the wondrous tales I have read, the one that sticks with me, and many others, is the one that takes me far away from the everyday while still validating the connections and people that reside there.

The Wizard of Oz by Frank L Baum, the book of which was published in 1900 and film of which was released in 1939 – to read a rich imagining of what its production was like from the perspective of Baum’s widow, read Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts – is that one fantasy that gets me every time, that simultaenously asks “what if” while affirming that “what is” is where my heart really belongs.

Now on the 80th anniversary of the film’s release, a bunch of highly-talented have created their own take on the movie’s iconic imagery to absolutely superlative effect. (The posters were shared by @DeuxPixels Twitter account)

There may be no place like home, but looking at these posters, there’s also no place as magical and as beautifully imagined as the land of Oz.

(image via @PixelsDeux (c) Alex Hess @ahessofficial)
(image via @PixelsDeux (c) Vincent Aseo @RhafaelAseo)
(image via @PixelsDeux (c) AJ Frena @AJFrena)

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