Weekend pop art: People, books and the seamless matching of the two

(image via Instagram (c) librairie_mollat)


The Librairie Mollat is an independent bookstore in Bordeaux, France that has had a great deal of fun, so notes Laughing Squid, matching customers and books together in fantastically creative ways.

So seamless and imaginative are their efforts that it looks as if book and customer belong perfectly together, a pairing that has always been and always will be.

These images are not their first ride on the person-and-publication matching carousel – they have tried it once before with equally successful results.

It’s just another way that independent bookstores, not on the rise after so many years in retreat, are making themselves both relevant and noticeable, a welcome trend if you believe, like I do, that bookstores are the true heart of every community.






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