Weekend pop art: The anatomically correct fun of “Cartoon Fossils”

(image via Instagram (c) Filip Hodas, aka hoodass)

You’ve no doubt heard people shopping for a home, or the real estate agents tryiong to sell them one, say that a house has “got good bones”.

It’s the ultimate compliment and means that while house may look ill-kempt or unloved, that it’s basically got the makings of sound and solid place of abode.

But have you ever heard anyone use the phrase in reference to cartoon characters?

Likely not, but Prague-based 3D illustrator Filip Hodas, aka hoodass aims to change that with his imaginatively inventive Cartoon Fossils which depicts a number of our beloved animated favourites as scientific specimens, all of them perfectly positioned and anatomically correct.

It’s project borne of a long-standing passion – “I always enjoyed creating skulls. I decided to combine my skull passion with 3D and some of my favourite childhood cartoon characters.” – which casts cartoon characters in a whole new, stripped back, light.

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