Weekend Pop Art: The quirky Disney art of “Nothing’s Impossible!”

(image (c) Oh My Disney, Mondo via mashable.com)
(image (c) Oh My Disney, Mondo via mashable.com)


A lot of amazing pop culture goodness is available at the annual SXSW gathering in Austin, Texas with a plethora of movies, bands, parties and interactive sessions to take in.

Out of the many reports flooding out of this year’s just-concluded event, a post on Mashable about an exhibition at Mondo Gallery really caught my eye.

Titled Nothing’s Impossible!, this collaboration between the gallery, “the collectible art division of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema” and Oh My Disney, a blog devoted to all things Mouse House-ian, re-imagined a slew of much loved Disney movies in richly imaginative, out of the box styles that are some of the best movie posters for anything that I have seen in ages.

They retain the distinctive identity of the movies while advancing and pushing them into altogether new, up to the minute territory, in the process creating phenomenally interesting and arresting artwork.

According to Dan Reynolds, director of social strategy for Disney Interactive, who was quoted in the Mashable article, it was all about giving a whole new lease of life to the classic Disney films:

“Oh My Disney is about connecting Disney with digital natives through humorous, heartfelt, and imaginative stories. Mondo’s success at bringing classics to life through creative designed for social audiences made them the right partner for this experience at SXSW.”

And it’s worked beautifully, artfully combining Disney’s heritage with some cutting edge street cred and bringing the Mouse House to the attention of a whole new, hip generation.

*You can check out the full slate of posters at Mashable.


Weekend Pop Art Nothings Impossible The Black Hole
(image (c) Oh My Disney, Mondo via mashable.com)


(image (c) Oh My Disney, Mondo via mashable.com)
(image (c) Oh My Disney, Mondo via mashable.com)

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