Weekend pop art: Tim Burton comes to Game of Thrones


There’s a lot going on for the good (and bad) citizens of Westeros right now.


As HBO’s über-hit show heads into its final season, there are White Walkers surging through the ancient Wall that has protected Westeros for millenia, Tormund may be dead and all without consummating his love for Brienne of Tarth, Cersei is still plotting sociopathic revenge despite the fact she may not live to enjoy it, and Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen is getting a little too close to his aunt Daenerys who is down one dragon, an Iron Throne, and potentially, a kingdom full of living, breathing people.

Yep, it’s not looking good out there as winter comes a-calling with fury and vengeance, and so it’s entirely fitting that L.A.-based artist Andrew Tarusov has brought some dark Tim Burton-ness to the main figures from George R. R. Martin’s epic tale of power, greed and lust.

Lord knows they’re not exactly sipping margaritas at the beach right now so the look and feel of Tarusov’s artwork is absolutely spot on.

You can view more of his work on Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook if you’re so inclined and sponsor him on Patreon if you’re so inclined.







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