Welcome to the Newpocalypse: Z Nation S5 wants you to know that zombies are people too

(image via Z Nation season 5 wikia (c) syfy)


Warren recovers from the drone crash with handsome, mysterious Cooper; Doc and the others finally arrive in Newmerica, where they meet George, who is helping form the new country. (synopsis via Spoiler TV (c) syfy)

As zombie apocalypses go, the one in Z Nation is a hoot!

Granted, it’s not a barrel of laughs much of the time, gradually ramping up the serious factor through its first four seasons, but it is a giant cheese wheel crushing zombies, a zombie tumbleweed, a zombie baby and every weird and strangely hilarious permutation of the undead taking it to the living that you can think of.

So pervasive has its pop cultural foot print got, that even Fear the Walking Dead has seen fit to throw some goofy humour into their usually-grave take on the undead end of the world, proof that you can tell good dramatic stories and still have some quirky fun along the way.


See! Died while stuck in traffic … PEOPLE. Dead people who want to eat you but … (image via Spoiler TV (c) syfy)


Quite what season 5 will exactly entail we don’t know but it’s obvious from the trailer that Newmerica is a thing, Warren (Kellita Smith) is alive and all kinds of weird but very Z Nation philosophical debates are in the offing.

Bring it on people and remember to invite your neighborhood zombies over to watch … because they are people too; rotting, smelly, bony people with their guts hanging out but still people and … oh, just wait season 5 will ya?




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