What do dogs see on TV? Not what you think they’re seeing!


…regardless of breed, what dogs see on the screen is definitely not what we see. Dogs’ visual systems are much more sensitive to flickering, which helps them perceive movement more efficiently. …what might look to you like a vibrant, colorful image could be pretty “meh” for your dog….Instead of having three different color receptors in their eyes like us, dogs only have two,so they only see the world in shades of yellow and blue. (excerpt via Laughing Squid)

Dogs love to be around their humans. I mean, they really love it. (As opposed to cats, and full discolosure I am a cat person mostly and love their weirdly eccentric ways.)

So we assume they love doing everything we do.

But do they? No doubt they love out company but are they really watching TV with us or just looking the part?

This fascinating, jauntily-told video talks about the fact that you dog may or may not be into TV as much as you think they are, for a whole range of reasons from the ability to distinguish movement to the inability to see the world in anything but shades of blue and yellow.

It’s a brilliant informative and short insight into the TV-consuming habits of humanity’s best friend and may have you looking at your pooch in a whole new way (they will of course be looking at you pretty as they’ve always done; with mess colours, and love and adoration).


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