What makes an adventure feel adventurous? Lessons From the Screenplay takes a look at The Pirates of the Caribbean

(image courtesy IMP Awards)

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl showcases the best of the adventure genre by using key genre elements as fundamental building blocks of the story and character design. In this video, the LFTS team explores four critical components of classic adventure films, dives into the deeper ways Pirates utilizes them as core design rules (or guidelines), and demonstrates why remixing the genre with an unexpected element helps make the film feel fun, spooky, and surprising. (synopsis via YouTube (c) Lessons from the Screenplay)

The first film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, as opposed to the trainwrecks that populate it later on, is a ton of fun.

Memorable characters, witty writing, an engrossing narrative, and above all, a good old-fashioned blockbuster-y sense of adventure all add up to a film that is a ridiculous amount of fun.

So, we know it’s fun, but do we know why?

In their own inimical way, Lessons from the Screenplay takes a deep dive into the mischievous delights of the film that launched a franchise and trust me, you will love what they have to say to you.

It makes the film feel even larger than life if that’s possible and deepens your enjoyment of what is already a brilliantly-good movie.

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