What waits for us in the Night Sky?

(courtesy IMDb (c) Prime Video)

It’s a rare thing to see a trailer for a TV/streaming series and know, pretty much immediately, that you’ll be all the poorer for it if you don’t watch it.

Sure, you can be intrigued, enthralled and excited but that sense of compelling FOMO is a wonderfully uncommon occurrence, which is why when it hit me as I took in the meditative wonder of Night Sky, starring the incomparable Sissy Spacek and J. K. Simmons, I knew that as soon as possible after it debuts, that I’d be watching it in one glorious binge session.

Described by its co-creator (with Daniel C. Connolly) and writer Holden Miller as possessing a tone that is “emotionally serious [but with] warmth and a humor and an escapist quality”, Night Sky has got big epic sci-fi vibes all over it, but also a down-to-earth groundedness that feels like “sort of experiencing something incredibly momentous, but from a place that feels like it’s your own bedroom.”

If I was absolutely certain I was going to watch this show before, and yeah I totally was, then that sort of description absolutely seals the deal, bumping Night Sky to the top of an already crowded viewing slate.

We get to see how Miller explores “mortality, love, [and] family dynamics” when Night Sky debuts all eight of its episodes at once on Prime Video on 22 May this year.

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