What was life like for Bo Peep before Toy Story 4? Lamp Life fills us in

(image via Reddit (c) Disney)

When we come across someone we haven’t seen in a while, we intellectually know they’ve likely done a LOT of living since we saw them; it stands to reason unless they spent the intervening period between meet-ups sitting in a dark room humming manically to themselves. (It’s not as much fun as it sounds, trust me.)

But we don’t always grasp the full extent of their life experiences, even if they tell us.

Fortunately for Woody, who was reunited with Bo Peep in the superlatively good Toy Story 4, there’s a new short film on Disney+, Lamp Life, which nicely fills in all the blanks for our Forky creator (well, creation enabler, anyway) and rescuer.

It looks like a charming addition to a growing roster of Toy Story and Pixar short films, all of which do a brilliant job of filling in many of the blanks of the wider, bigger stories from which they are drawn.

Where has Bo Peep been? No need to wonder any longer!

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