What’s a “new normal” feel like? The Unicorn finds out

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A recently widowed father with two daughters is encouraged by his friends to re-enter the dating scene. Surprisingly to both him and his friends, he becomes the most sought after single guy due to his description as an attractive working father.
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I love it when premises surprise me.

Take that for The Unicorn, a new network sitcom that looks, on paper, like it’s going to be a less than stellar comedy about a man diving back into the horrors of the dating scene after the death of his wife.

It all sounds a bit done-there-done-that doesn’t it?

And yet, you take a look at the trailer and the teaser promos and suddenly realise it actually pretty funny.

Like actually really funny.

It may not be Frasier or The Good Place clever, but it looks smartly-written and acting with some deft comic timing and when you need a good laugh, that’s pretty much all you need.

The Unicorn premieres this US Fall on CBS.

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