What’s hiding in the most solitary place on Earth? Deep Sea has the answer … and it’s not Ariel

(image via YouTube (c) Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell)

The water pressure here is 1,086 bar. Taking a swim here is like having to balance 1,800 elephants on top of you. But even here, life has found a way to thrive. Next to sea cucumbers, white and light pink amphipods wiggle their way through the water. Their size is astounding. While their shallow-water cousins are maybe a few centimeters long, the deep-sea version can reach up to 30 centimeters.

And there are other things floating elegantly through the water. Plastic bags that were found by scientists in 2018. Even the remotest place on Earth is not safe from human influence.
(synopsis via Laughing Squid)

It easy to get the impression in our over-explored, over-used and meticulously documented world that we have been everywhere and seen everything.

Not so, my friends.

As this exquisitely beautifully animated video from Munich design house Kurzgesagt makes abundantly clear, there is one place that remains wrapped in a considerable of mystery (and sadly plastic bags) – the very depths of the oceans.

In this supremely well-presented and information-rich vide. we’re taken on a breathtaking journey through the various levels of the ocean with one thing made abundantly clear – we still have a great deal to learn.

It’s an exciting idea but also alarming since we are already damaging an environment about which we know little, all the more reason to take better care of things while we still can.

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