What’s to eat? Lucas the Spider and his friend the fly find out in “I’m Starving”

(image via YouTube (c) 2019 Fresh Interactive Inc.)

After becoming friends with the skittish fly who got caught in his lovingly homemade web, a very happy Lucas the Spider decided that he was hungry. Lucas turned to his new friend to find out what spiders eat. Without betraying personal safety, the fly took the sweet arachnid on a culinary tour of the various forms of nourishment that can be found around the house.
(synopsis (c) Laughing Squid)

Lucas the Spider is an adorable little fella.

Where others of his species might plunge into a flesh-feating fiesta, Lucas chooses friendship instead, bonding with a fly who wanders into his web and heading off to explore what else is edible, besides flies naturally, in the house.

It is, as always, charming, sweet and funny, a tribute to creator and animator Josh Slice’s penchant for elegantly-told tales that are touching but substantial too.

And let’s be fair, it’s ridiculously, charmingly adorable, and who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

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