What’s under the bed? Find out in Rosie Paints With Ghosts by Cassie Daley

(cover image courtesy Cassie Daley)

When Rosie finds a secret door under her bed, it leads her to a spooky town with two BIG problems – they’ve lost all their color, and Rosie can’t seem to get back home! With the help of a new friend, Rosie has a new goal: repaint and restore the town of Tombstone! But what can she do when the Mayor of Tombstone doesn’t like Rosie’s changes? (synopsis (c) Cassie Daley)

One of the great joys of reading, at any age, is finding yourself reflected in the pages of a book.

Although reading about people and worlds that bear no direct relation to you is powerful and necessary, there’s something so freeing and beautiful, not to mention good for the health of your soul, to see that who you are is also who others are too.

It provides a reassurance and a vital sense of belonging to a community that makes your life feel real and tangible – when you’re coming to terms with who you are, sometimes very real things about you can feel strangely dreamlike or unreal until you see them in someone else and know you are not alone – which is one reason why author and illustrator Cassie Daley, who is a vibrant and colourfully welcome presence on Twitter, wrote her upcoming children’s book Rosie Paints With Ghosts.

“Rosie is a little girl who is very near and dear to my heart. Her story is a super colorful & fun romp through a ghost town with her new friend, Phil, yes – but something I haven’t opened up about too much until this cover reveal is that Rosie is also representative of things that I struggled with as an Autistic child, and even still as an Autistic adult. Although it’s not necessary to be on the spectrum or know with someone who is to enjoy Rosie’s story, I think some folks who do may be able to recognize some things in this that feels familiar. I think that growing up, having a book like this would have been really good for me – and I’m hoping that other people can enjoy it, too!”

(full cover wrap image courtesy Cassie Daley)

With the bulk of the work on the book done by Daley herself who says she is thankful for the support and input of her patrons on Patreon who “have given me some really helpful feedback on both the art & the content on the back!”, Rosie Paints With Ghosts is vitally alive with the spirit of its creator in a way that look sure to charm and delight.

And importantly, send a powerful message that being true to yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and those, of course, who are privy to your story.

Rosie Paints With Ghosts will be available to preorder on Daley’s Etsy website from September, with a “bundle incentive that will include a hardcover copy of Rosie Paints with Ghosts, plus some merch – stickers, bookmarks, and maybe more!”

While you wait for the unveiling of the bundles in August, why not become a patron of Daley on Patreon which gives you a chance to make an ongoing meaningful contribution to her creative output.

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