Who is the “Secret Alien”? You’ll spot him … the crew? Not so much … @chris_and_jack

(image via YouTube (c) Chris & Jack)


You know those space dramas, and they are legion, where a sneaky alien, but aren’t they all, had snuck onboard a spaceship, inhabited the body of a crew member and created mayhem/death/destruction/an unexpected detour to Arkazuma 4?

It’s a standard storytelling trope for many genre shows and one that, in the right hands, can work nicely in exposing fractures in crewmate relations, deluision with the mission and a host of other fissures that are narrative gold.

Chris & Jack, YouTube sketch artists with a gleeful eye for the absurd, have taken on this mainstay of sci-fi storytelling with alacrity, offering up “Secret Alien” which explores what happens, with the requisite amount of melodramatic poignancy and naturally someone called Martinez, when an alien embryo escapes its onboard container and runs amuck, hiding inside one of the crew members..

You’ll spot the affected person immediately but that is, of course, precisely the point with much faux-serious silliness following throughout this gem of a sketch.


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