Why are there so many stairs?! Final Space hilariously asks the important questions

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The intergalactic escapade follows an astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick, Mooncake. Together, the two embark on serialized journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends, and if it actually does exist. (synopsis via Wikipedia)

Begone shrivelled carcasses of depression!

Gary Space and his “cute innocent ball of pureness” friend Mooncake (both voiced by series creator Olan Rogers), who is more powerful than appearances might suggest – OK he’s a Planet Killer bur lordy what an adorable one! – have no time for looking back or auto self-destruct as they do their level best to outrun the evil Lord Commander (David Tennant).

Small snag – Gary is, um, a prisoner onboard a ship and going nowhere which makes valiant, evil-defying adventuring a tad problematic, and he’s dumb as a post.

No matter – he’s surrounded by people who do know what they’re doing and when he becomes the captain and not the prisoner, all bets are off.



It would be easy to assume Final Space is all guffaws and giggles and no substances but not so, according to Monkeys Fighting Robots:

“Final Space is dense with plotting, but the plot moves with many hilarious gags along the way. The animation is sharp, and the jokes fly a mile a minute. The series threads its unique voice through even the most dramatic moments of the first two episodes.”

So substance and laughs and even some Rick & Morty lunacy! I’m in.

Best to watch it somewhere though, I think, with not too many stairs …

After previewing the first episodes on Reddit and the TBS app and website, Final Space officially launched on 26 February.


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