You shall not pass! But you can eat a cookie says Sesame Street … eventually

(image via (c) Sesame Street)
(image via (c) Sesame Street)


The Cookie Monster plays Gobble, the last known holder of the most powerful dessert recipe in Monster Earth. He must remember the recipe in order to bring cookies back to the land, but his own memory and lack of self control stand in the way. (source:

Is there no end to the wonderfulness of Sesame Street’s parody videos?

Thank the lord no!

In their latest parody gem, Lord of the Crumbs (“One cookie to rule them all!”), Cookie Monster learns a valuable lesson about delayed gratification – earning the video a DG rating naturally – by waiting until the cookies he is trying to make are ready to eat.

Tempted to eat the eggs and the chocolate chip pieces before they have even made it into the bowl and been baked in the “fires of Mt. Crumb” aka the oven, Cookie Monster decides at the urging of the “crazy light lady” (a fabulous riff on Cate Blanchett’s elfin Galadriel) to wait until he can eat the finished product.

Along the way he gets to use his memory and some nifty egg mathematics, as well as confronting a “dramatic” Gandalf-like figure blocking his way to the oven, and having a Gollum-like back and forth conversation with his less-controlled self.

It’s hilarious, it’s educational and another reason why everyone should be watching Sesame Street, no matter how old they are!



And here’s a delightful related Vine video that shows Sir Ian McKellen coming up against a rather insistent “You shall not pass!” Gandalf as he tries to enter a store. After very pleasantly saying “Please” Gandalf immediately stands aside, a timely lesson that politeness and manners are very important.



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